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Here is some random stuff me and rowan made during the summer when we had nothing to do but make ideas:


Pilgrimmage south

You’re a well-recognized Baras that has to take a package from Jacob Lunde, aotfh southward to an unknown location. Package in pocket sized safe. It is a rubrics cube it must be there a certain day, since it contains the code sequence to save the wor- oh wait it is just present for a friend

Go south for general missionary work.

Stagsfire origin
A lowly stagsfire breaking off from the group. Start off with a huge enemy but in black markets with stagsfire goods.

Pre-war soldier: bonus with soldier skills like guns and

Hunter has better skinning skills.

Farmer better at herbal skills and cooking skills (?

Doctor: better medical skills

Mercenary: better starting weapon, better social skills, better intimdating, haggling, etc.

Scavenger: Jury-rigging, and bartering likewise.

Trader: better haggling, barter, what not. Some stuff in inventory. Tuna, beer, stuff like that

Blacksmith: better crafting skill, and crafting stuff

Father can barely take care of child, provider kidnapped child and take care of it.
Player finds a man searching half-starved yelling incomrphesibly at him to find his child. Player searchs for child. Find the child provider confronts him. Decision between father and provider or high enough diplomacy an agreement between the two.

Bodyguard quest
1.   Bouncer while merchant discusses a deal. Several people come, some forceful and purposeful while others are just looking for an empty room.
2.   Rest for night; get on sled, men on sled chase you. Knife them or shoot them. Fend off attackers and reach your destination
3.   So, obvious next move, you go over to the merchant to ask to be paid, but as soon as you ask for an explanation or end the conversation, armed men come running round the corner and one of them shoots the poor merchant dead
[11:00] <rowan__> as he dies, he presses a particular package into your hands and tells you to deliver it to the address on top. He says that payment is waiting
[11:02] <rowan__> so you can either give the package to the armed dudes, ending the mission and leaving it unresolved or get the package to the address (whether  by running or murdering all of the armed men)
[11:03] <rowan__> if you manage to get the package back, the dude thanks you and, if armed men are still around, they come bursting in through the door, at which point he calls them off and pays you
[11:03] <rowan__> he unwraps the package, explaining that he had heard that the package had been stolen, so he sent his goons to retrieve it. Unfotunately for you and the merchant, the information had just been dead wrong Tongue
[11:04] <rowan__> so he sent dozens of men and killed a perfectly decent merchant due to a little miscommunication. I guess then it's up to the player if he lets the guy get away with it
[11:06] <rowan__> if the player decides to take revenge and succeeds, the package is revealed to contain some fine Bourbon and a couple packs of digestive biscuits, thought to be long ago rendered uneatable, but sealed when the bombs started falling, keeping them safe

Mercenaries v. Idealists

Group has fallen on hard times
Make idealism seems to be failing-mercenaries go hungry and can’t do job properly.
First Mission:
Decision: During hunting someone gets stuck on a trap, you either leave him or help him.
He yells, scares off deer, you come back no pay, but an idealist shares his meal and pays you enough for ammo or something.
Hunt goes well, everyone is happy except dead guy, you get paid
Second Mission:
Bear attack
Decision: Help Guy or Kill Bear
Ways to End It:
Convince them be a dick half the time to save the people other half. Or they kill each other.

Assassin quest chain

Okay so you are hired by a bunch of old men to find this impossible to stop assasin.
[12:22] <MrWillis> Now the first quest you are told to guard one of the old men while he talks with an information broker.
[12:23] <MrWillis> As you guard you feel something wrong about the situation and can't tell.
[12:23] <rowan__> ooh, crap. food. Keep typing. When I'm done, I'll ead back through it and we can carry on
[12:24] <MrWillis> okay.
[12:33] <MrWillis> Then you here a scuffle inside the building and when you and the guards rush in you find the old man dead with a dagger in him and the information broker vanished with the window to the back opened up.
[12:34] <MrWillis> Upon further searching you find the body of the real information broker, and realize the assasin was acting as the information broker.
[12:37] <MrWillis> And you find the dagger used to kill him had "number one" carve into it.
[12:38] <MrWillis> The last two old men decide to lure the assasin out by setting up a trap.
[12:40] <MrWillis> They decide to go to an old buildin that is probably four or five stories high.
[12:41] <MrWillis> Well one of them anyways, i think they should split.
[12:44] <MrWillis> okay so you go to the old building and set up in a room. After a while (or maybe a pretty determined event) you hear shooting and he sends you and some other guys to check it out. You check and find it is just some drunks shooting bullet in the air.
[12:45] <MrWillis> Then you here shooting and breaking glass in the room where old man number two is at.
[12:46] <MrWillis> You rush in and find the guards who were watching the old man are shooting out the windows at a man.
[12:47] <MrWillis> It turns out the assasin climbed up the wall up the, tied rope to the pipe, and when the old man got close enough to the window, he yanked him out of the window on the pavement to his death.
[12:48] <MrWillis> Then scaled down the wall using the rope and ran away.
[12:49] <MrWillis> So you and some guards run down to see if the old man can be saved.
[12:49] <MrWillis> He is still alive but he is nearly dead.
[12:50] <MrWillis> He last words are probably like. "Tell <last old man>, that he is back for vengeance."
[12:50] <MrWillis> Then you can ask the guards if they got a description of the guy.
[12:51] <MrWillis> All they have is that he had stone cold ice blue eyes, and he was in his thirties.
[12:52] <MrWillis> So you report back to the old man and tell him what you know and what happened.
[12:52] <MrWillis> He is shocked and tells you about the guy and why he is after vengeance, although he lies.
[12:52] <MrWillis> but the player doesn't know that.
[12:55] <MrWillis> So the last mission takes place somewhere else, a one story building with only two entrances and few windows. It seems assasin proof. However as you talk a large explosion blows the front door off its hinges.
[12:55] <MrWillis> And a dozen or so mercenaries storm with the leader yelling kill everyone else except the old man.
[12:56] <MrWillis> So you and one other guy are ordered by the old man to follow him out the back entrance
You then are ambushed by the assassin and the guy with tries to fight but he kills him. If you fight you get shoot lie on the ice, freezing, and he shoot the old man. If you drop your gun, he shoot the old man places his knife in him, and leaves. If you fight back, you go unconscious then wake up in a warm room, with food, you are  bandaged up with a message left for you explaining why he did it.
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