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Author Topic: Bicycles  (Read 4977 times)
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« on: June 14, 2011, 12:59:02 PM »

Just saw a question on reddit: why do post-apocalyptic games always seem to omit the bicycle?  Pretty damned good point.  With transport mediums generally compromised, a good old fashioned piece of basic metal kit such as a bike would be a very useful tool.  Guns work, so surely bikes would too.
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« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 03:09:58 PM »

Well, the question is 100% valid.

My answer for 20 years after the end would be:

No black roads in shape that allows any wheeled transportation (other than on big tires). Dirt roads - sure, same with paths. For this three months or so without snow.

If you have seen any bike in the deep wilderness (this is how it will look like - for a real example - take a look at Chernobyl zone and how wild life got back there), you're really lucky.

Not much need for taking a short ride (really) - neighbours are close, or none. Dog sleds are 1000 x better for longer rides.

After 20 years - 90% of all iron or steel will be rusty beyond usage, including bike parts - wheels, gears, shafts, pedals - this all needs parts from time to time
Parts that will not rust - will be utilized for vital purposes - I think I have sketched a wind turbine made of bicycle wheel (or was it dustbin cover?). Taking ready part is easier than smelting some ore and cleaning the iron.

Long story short - thumbs up for bikers - we actually have few areas that would make sense to use those (and see some bikes for sure) - we have some used-to-be-capital cities on our map. But as for real moderate-distance transportation, my bet would be dogs, sled, or small sled attached to belt when snowshoeing/skiing on "less than a week" distance (I believe it's called pulk when used like so).


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« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2011, 07:16:56 PM »

I disagree at least partially with most of Q_x's points.  While I agree that they might not be super common, I can see a place for them in the game.

1) Dirt roads or forest paths are fine for riding bikes on.  Although if there is snow on the ground it would have to be hard packed yet not ice.

2) There are lots of places that are not "deep wilderness".

3) Well there certainly are applications where using a bike would be useful, especially if you can carry a little cargo on it.  For example, foraging or scavenging expedition (PA equivalent of grocery shopping).   Heck, you could have a semi-organized bicycle cavalry unit (they would fight dismounted) if there were some organized warring states.   Bicycles were used in WWII for recon forces.   You have to feed horses.

4) You vastly underestimate the number of bicycles in Scandavia ca. 1990.  There must be *MILLIONS* of them.   Plenty of them will be protected from the elements a little bit.    Plus, if you have 10 busted rotting bikes from different sources, you can easily make a couple working ones out of the parts that are OK.   

Long story short - thumbs up for bikers - we actually have few areas that would make sense to use those (and see some bikes for sure) - we have some used-to-be-capital cities on our map..

Oh, ha, ha, I should read to the end of your post before I reply!    I agree with this - bikes will be around sometimes.

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« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2011, 10:12:01 PM »

Wry, Willis and I argued this on IRC a little bit.

I don't think that there are enough reasons to maintain and (perhaps more importantly) not reuse bicycles and their parts. A bike is pretty useful as far as parts goes, having several fair tubes, gears and other hard-to-produce bits, while providing less speed, cargo/weight capacity and more limited movement than dogsleds. Dogsled Cavalry would be awesome, by the way.

Down south, where the ice and snow are thinner or gone, bikes would be a fine mode of transport, but it might be hard to find tires.

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