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Author Topic: Night Terror quest  (Read 3218 times)
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Just WIP, but can't get on IRC today...


As written, there doesn't have to be a technological (chemical) cause at all.  He's just paranoid delusional schizophrenic ( I guess depressive, since he's tending towards suicide) and it manifests as him being afraid of the dark/night.   He's not "sane" during the day, he's just functional enough.

That being said... not sure how the PC would "cure" schizophrenia... and it's not literally contagious.  Although although ALTHOUGH... we could write DIALOG paths in which the PC is somehow convinced that Henrikson's terrors are real!   So PC literally becomes part of paranoid delusions!    PLAYERS generally believe whatever the "game" tells them...   So by picking "black" dialog paths and actions, PC and NPC slip deeper into insanity... other actions or dialog options break the (mental) cycle.

In the end, there would have to be one "finding" - some gigantic inconsistency in the PCs story - that shatters the delusions.  Once PC realizes that the two of them are delusional he can try to convince Henrikson and talk him down.

Could even make the "depth" of PCs insanity depend on his (literal) Stress damage level, or other psychological quirks.

Hard part is coming up with different characters having different ways to solve the puzzle...
"Mentally stable" characters don't fall into the "trap" or don't fall as deep.
"Sciency / Intelligent/ Educated" characters recognize that Henrikson is insane early
"Scavenge-y" characters more easily find the "clue" that gives the lie to Henrikson's story.

I think that's better than LSD or other weird chemicals.  It's a little bogus what with "instant psycho-analysis cure" but it is just a game.

We are not denying them an ending...
We are denying them a DISNEY ending - Icelus
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