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« on: February 05, 2011, 08:50:42 PM »

I'm confused by all the new terms we use in a sprint. Is there an easy way to look up their meaning?
Yes there is:

What's the purpose of timeboxing? Wouldn't it be better to not timebox a sprint?
Timeboxing is an essential part of the Scrum philosophy. The Scrum philosophy is described in detail here:

What's the timeframe of the sprint?
The sprint timeframe is documented here: http://wiki.parpg.net/Sprint:Character_customization#Sprint_timeframe

What kind of work is expected from sprint devs and interns?
The different sprint roles and responsibilities associated with these roles are described here:

How are the sprint tasks distributed among the team?
The sprint team owns the sprint. Sprint devs simply assign the tasks they work to themselves in Trac. More information about task distribution can be found here:

How do I know which tasks have a high priority?
The sprint backlog is used for this purpose. The sprint devs constantly update it, by adding new task, closing tackled ones and prioritizing the tasks. For more information about the sprint backlog, check out:

Where should sprint sprint-specific bugs be tracked?
Sprint-specific bugs are NOT added to the defect backlog but to the sprint backlog. Fixing these bugs is part of the sprinting process.

How do we know if we reached our sprint goal?
We have a definition of done for sprints that helps us to judge if we actually reached the sprint goal:

How we do know what kind of requirements need to be fulfilled to have successfully tackled a specific sprint user story?
Adding Conditions of Satisfation can really help in this regard:

If the user story in question doesn't have any CoS yet, bring up the point at the sprint IRC channel or the sprint board of the forums and add them to user story in Trac as necessary.

Where does sprint development take place?
Sprint development usually does NOT take place in trunk but in a sprint branch. The actual sprint location is documented at the sprint article at the wiki:

How do I know who's taking part in the sprint?
A complete list of sprint devs, sprint interns and sprint coordinator can be found at the sprint article at the wiki:

Where should sprint communication take place
Short answer: at the #parpg-sprint channel and at the sprint board of the forums.

Long answer:

Are there any special guidelines for sprint communication?
Yes, please check out:

What kind of meetings will we have during a sprint?
Short answer: Sprint prioritization, sprint planning, twice-weekly Scrum meetings, sprint review, sprint retrospective.

Long answer: http://wiki.parpg.net/Sprint_meetings

After reading the FAQ, I'm still confused about the whole sprinting process. What can I do?
Ask any question that you have at the sprint board of the forums (or the sprint IRC channel in case sprint devs are around in there). The sprint devs and the sprint coordinator will try their best to answer it and guide you into the right direction.
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