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Author Topic: Inventory UI functionality  (Read 3649 times)
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« on: December 27, 2010, 01:09:20 PM »

I started to think of what functionality would we need for Inventory/wearing window.
I did'nt started wiki page for it, I think there is a need of discussing things before that
I came up with the list:

inventory items
  • showing icons on grid
  • sorting inventory (what keys are needed? ascendong/descending by weight, bulk, nutritious value, sorting only a certain type of items like wearables, food, weapon, explosives, utensils - what else?)
  • using things on players or on another item, also using abilities on items like: preparing meals out of raw materials, patching clothes
  • wearing items / inserting into slots
  • dropping onto ground, maybe picking from the ground as well
  • getting information on items
  • displaying additional information on bulk and weight on every item icon
  • marking things PC is unable to interact with properly (lack of skills, or the item is broken)

information on whole inventory
  • showing total bulk and its effect on player
  • showing total weight carried and its effects on player
  • showing additional information ("bulkiest possible item that fits in the backpack"?)

information on particular items:
  • image (not sure if we want bigger item image, if there is one in inventory already)
  • name
  • weight / bulk
  • item status (condition)
  • weapon or armour info info (just a thing to keep in mind for now, dunno what it should be exactly here)
  • description
  • extra information (like "gives X and Y abilities")

wearing / clothing / armour, plus info
  • taking things on and off (what locations do we need, exactly?)
  • slots for wearing items
  • using items on PC, like eating
  • slot showing what is on ground where PC stands (?)
  • showing armour values
  • showing additional information on what PC is wearing and its impact on PC, like thermal gain
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« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2010, 03:08:29 AM »

We (barra, q_x, zenbitz, me) talked on IRC and Inventory user interface wiki page was born Smiley
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