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Author Topic: PARPG developer FTP now available!  (Read 2889 times)
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« on: November 18, 2010, 05:16:32 PM »

As it's often useful or even essential to share files across the project, I've decided to set up an ftp account for all PARPG developers so they can upload project-related files to share them with the other developers.

While this was possible in the past e.g. by (ab)using the wiki or trac upload functionality for this purpose, this approach sounds better to share files without cluttering the other infrastructure.

Some examples where it might be useful to use the developer FTP:
 * Uploading a rather large backtrace or profiling log
 * Uploading SVN snapshots or release packages of PARPG that need to be tested first before declaring them final and uploading them to sourceforge

Some remarks about the FTP:
 * Every developer has his own folder, please just upload to your own folder and don't delete any files outside your own folder as well! If you don't have a personal directory yet, simply create a new folder for you :-)
 * Please just upload project-related files
 * All uploaded files will be public (as in: they're not password protected in any way) and can be accessed here: http://devs.parpg.net/

Access information:
 * Server address: ftp://parpg.net
 * Port: 21
 * Username: 92692-parpgdevs
 * Password: query me (barra) at the IRC channel for the password

Right now we don't have any kind of private developer only subforum so I can't publish the password anywhere at the forums. If there's a demand for it, I can set up a developer subforum and post full access information there.
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