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Author Topic: headless development workflow changes proposal  (Read 3524 times)
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« on: June 14, 2010, 07:49:00 AM »

Some of the consequences of our meeting are that we cannot rely on a manager mediating between departments and translating the speech from one's needs to the other's specification.

So my proposal is to write what you need urgently in the right department thread for the person able to make it (and fill the ticket if needed, link it on the forums). But - if you do so - please think of what a related developer should do. Meaning not "I need a yes button", but rather something more explicit, like "I need a GUI button that says "yes", in the style of this <put a file here> button and the very same size, it will be used whenever a player agrees to something, so you can add a fancy square root-like sign to make it more appealing if you wish". Be explicit, write it long, wait for the questions to come.
Most obvious things are not demanding artists to write a code or coders to write quests. At least without some assistance.

It will be wise, if you use a RSS reader on a daily basis, to read all the forums posts, so that everybody interested would know everything and don't miss nothing. The RSS is avaliable (at least for me) on this page:

That is all I came up with.

I'm online in the mornings to the lunch time, GMT 6.00-14.00. If someone wishes to chat on IRC and I don't reply in about 2 minutes after pinging me, please write me a private chat message - it will make things more visible here. Or just PM via forums.

If anybody has some other conclusions or feelings, please share.


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