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Author Topic: Main theme/Menu theme: A Formal Design  (Read 2908 times)
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« on: November 11, 2009, 08:10:15 PM »

This is a thread I encourage all of our team to participate in. Mostly because this theme is what gamers are going to hear every time they start PARPG. I know we're gunning for an electronica/ambient style of soundtrack, but I'm curious to see if anybody is open to other forms and genres. Could we include possibly some traditional, orchestral theme to make this seem like an emotionally-charged game? Or could this conflict too much with the soundtrack as a whole?

Possible themes:

  • Hopeful - Do we want something that, while not necessarily 'light-hearted' still gives off the impression that - in no better term - there is still hope?
  • Dark - Or, do we prefer something that will really bring out the despair and seriousness of the world the characters live in?
  • Hybrid - We could even implement having more than one possible theme present, depending which is preferred to be the central focus

How would we go about exploring this theme? What types of sounds would you like to hear within them?

Again, these are just some suggestions; don't take them as these are the only two options being considered. Feel free to leave your own ideas.

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