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Author Topic: simple implementation of "conference calls"  (Read 2380 times)
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« on: March 05, 2009, 04:58:06 AM »

Quote from: the wiki
"Pie-in-the-Sky" features
This is low priority stuff that someone, somewhere thinks might be cool. I would not implement anything past "hooks" for anything here.
"Conference calls" - where PC converses with multiple NPCs. Such a mechanic can be found in Planescape: Torment where you could initate dialog with one of your party NPCs and other party members suddenly join the conversation.

I came across this, and though i haven't played Planetscape, i'm familiar with Baldur's gate, which IIRC used the same engine.

I don't think this "feature" is really as complex as it may seem.  Generally I believe the effect of a multi-person conversation is achieved by clever ordering of lines.

When the protagonist talks to NPC1, any other NPCs who might butt into the conversation have their lines written in order.  However, their lines only appear if the speaker is present.  The clever writing comes in by making NPC1's reply to the protagonist make sense weather or not NPC2's intervening comment ever appeared.

At the very least this is a pretty simple way to include these kinds of conversations without endlessly branching dialog trees.
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