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Author Topic: PROPOSAL: Elevated Map Layers and Multigrid Objects.  (Read 2251 times)
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« on: August 05, 2009, 02:27:10 PM »

Hi PARPG people!  Smiley

    Hi  everyone:), Im yet another postapocalyptic RPG fan .Because Im (early) planning  to develop another RPG Fallout-like game ,I am also interested on FIFE Engine . I know a bit of C programming and python but I have not much knowledge/experience on OOP.Beside dont worry guys, Im just starting here, and by the moment ,Im just by myself  Cry.

    Because I have been testing some map features on FIFE like geometry,rotation, elevations  and other stuff that I want to provide in my game, Ive proposed /request to the engine devs to study the posibilities on implementing some features, being 2 of them Multigrid Objects and Elevated Map Layers , and as they are quite busy right now to implement this features (Ive totally understand that  Smiley ) some devs suggested me to ask you guys if you have any interest (future interest maybe) on this features. Im interested on this features mainly because I want to avoid future reworks on all maps and some scripts, I hope to find a solution to this issues before starting to develop the game.

   Thats why I came to all of you in PARPG, because maybe you are interested on develop this features too, and maybe someway I could help, I dont have many experience ,but Im ofering whatever I could be usefull for.

Here Ive posted my proposal ,take a look:

Thanks for listening  Smiley

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