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Author Topic: The Preacher's Mission for Man  (Read 3421 times)
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« on: July 02, 2009, 03:00:24 AM »

The Preacher’s Mission for Man

As you approach the mission, a whole in the large timber wall appears, it is as if light is shining from within. The gate widens and you quicken your stride to reach it, filled with a hope that brings a light foot against the cold tide of snow bearing down upon you. A man of middle age approaches his arms wide.

“Come, there is plenty warmth inside for all…”

Preacher’s monologue explaining his mission…

When the first bright flare of the missiles appeared in the sky, sent up as stars, to come down as death, I was stood not 10 yards from reminder of man’s cruelty to man. I was young and wanted to see the world, and the world was happening in Germany. On this day I had travelled to pay respects to the dead of the last Great War, to Dachau, the Nazi death camp. 10 yards from the rooms in which people kept like cattle for no crime committed, 10 yards from crematorium where their bodies would be burnt, I saw them in the sky, rising high. I knew in an instant that the world had been set on a path not to peace but to hell. This frozen over hell. I dropped to my knees, my body weak from fear and anger.

I felt then something change inside me.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I believe the spirit of the thousands dead, of that place of evil there in Dachau, and the thousands dead from those places like it, spoke to me.




They whispered, first in singular, then in the multitude, till I heard all their voice cry that one statement, begging me to heed their call. But what could I do? I was not much more than a young boy, who knew little of the world that would be snatched away from me by the deeds of men more self-important than their populace. The voices remained and echoed around my head, I could not focus. I lay back on the grass, and wept with them, for them. One could not count the tears that left me that day, but no tear was spent frivolously. With each tear a voice of the dead left me, and when they were all but silenced I knew of what I must do, for them, for me, for humanity. With each ounce of my strength and will I must seek to keep man kinds grip upon existence and keep the cold oblivion of extinction a fate for another time than my own.

I was a young man in a foreign land, no friends or possessions of significance to speak of, but I knew I could not return home. My work must commence with immediacy, for fear of seeing the mission entrusted to me, shown to me by the dead, fall to failure. My first task was to survive the oncoming war, and with success in this I began to consider how best to plant the seeds for the security and regrowth of man. I travelled, for inspiration, for knowledge, to make the useful acquaintance, and to preach my mission, that man should be saved, that it would not be through the old ways that we would be prosperous once more, at least not unless we wished to end as the last great civilizations ended, in decadence or in fear. Man should come together, not polarise, and to come together to a common utilitarian goal of best for all men. And so we are here. You and I exist within this mission, this home for all humanity. You shall see our work. You shall see our hope.



A location/character that has been floating about in my head for a while, first attempt to bring this to life.. more to follow.

The preacher's mission is an atheistic religious community, the goal of whom is survival of man kind led by "the preacher".. who I shall introduce you to more fully shortly.

In short, the mission is banded together "good guys", and rather successful at surviving.

Of course there are those that are jealous within and without the community...
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« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2009, 04:50:12 AM »

Anyone knows if he would like to get back to action?

Was last active 18. september 2009, he could probably jump in and continue with the "immediate" story for later (in early 2010 perhaps)

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