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Author Topic: Call to Arms ! - Graphics department roll call  (Read 5007 times)
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« on: June 23, 2009, 01:07:09 PM »

Unfortunately it seems that most of the contributors in the graphics department are currently rather busy. I know that e.g. Zeli (concept artist) has his final exams right now and will be pretty busy until the end of July.

So the thread has two main points:
1. We would like to know who's currently busy and doesn't have the time to contribute to the project at least for a certain timespan.

2. Lack of time of developers is often related to a structural problem of the project itself. While developers might have more or less time at one week, they'll decide on what to spend on their time depending on how happy they are with the project as a whole, the workflow of the department, the way communication and cooperation works.

We spoke with Gaspard yesterday and it seems that the lack of a fleshed out story and setting makes it really hard for the artists to contribute at this point. We're currently trying to address that but we would like to know about other aspects, besides the lack of inspiration from the writing side of things, that make it hard for you to contribute.

I'm sorry that I haven't addressed this earlier but with a lot of different departments on such a project, you often focus on 1-2 specific ones for a certain amount of time as they seem to need some extra coordination (e.g. due the influx of new developers, key decisions being discussed and agreed upon, etc.)

Feedback wanted :-)
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« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2009, 10:06:02 AM »

I'm still working on parpg and I have enough to do generating generic tiles/objects.
My problem is that I'm still learning all that graphics stuff so I sometimes run into problem which I need to figure out by myself. Things like pixel-perfect placement, some weird rendering outputs, etc. So things go slow and sometimes lead to lack of motivation (I rather play a round of mass effect then).

It would be nice if we would have someone who already knows this stuff.

And I agree with the story idea. It would be nice to have a fleshed out setting/location storywise which should than be realized graphics and programming wise.

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