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I'm afraid, that wouldn't be innovative. These "random" quests have already been used in the first part of The Elder Scrolls, or in Freelancer (remember that one little space sim game in the beginning of 2000s?). As for me, though, I doubt that any AI-"invented" quests could do any good to the gameplay because of 1) their recognisable pattern and 2) their predisposition to bugs. I don't want to sound sceptic, but I strongly recommend that we ensure, that every more or less eminent quest in the game is hand-made.

Read the thesis before you dismiss it out of hand (i.,e it was done poorly in the past.

2) I have forgotten about one thing: will we have any humour in the game? If so, will that be Fallout-like?

I hope so.  Especially black humor.  I also like pop culture references if they are not too frequent - examples, references to the Empire Strikes Back (Hoth), references to "The Thing" or other movies where wierd/old stuff is found frozen in the ice.  Oh, and we should make fun of "The Day After Tomorrow".  References to Fallout of course.

- background for every region in the game (pre-war/post-war/pre-game/in-game timeline);
- local inhabitants/society groups;
- suggestion for the main plot.

For the purposes of optimization of our efforts, I also suggest that we divide the regions amongst the people willing, and then combine them into one draft.

I don't think we are there yet.  I think we should just start by thinking of cool stuff like "Hell, Norway" or "Seed Vaults" or "Atomic Wikings" or Sami (finnish) tribes., or whatever.     We can move things around in time, place, importanance...

So, I am not really disagreeing - but i think we should start by just collecting bits of the above, rather than divide everything out.  At least until we have some official writer or Lead Writer (tm)

We are not denying them an ending...
We are denying them a DISNEY ending - Icelus
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