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61  Development / Audio / Re: Exploring ruins - 'Depths part 1' - music on: July 22, 2009, 02:32:56 AM
I like it; but it's pretty versatile. It kind of fits the description of some place dark and full of sand (kind of like exploring a pyramid), if that makes any sense. Could even be useful for dungeon or cave exploration.
62  General Category / Meetings / Sound Meeting? on: July 21, 2009, 10:08:30 PM
I know it's a little bit premature to consider having a meeting in regards to the audio of the game, but perhaps a general meeting where all of those who are involved in sound could be arranged? Of course, there are some discussion threads about this already, but having an open meeting where we'll have some active questions will give us a stronger idea of what to produce for the game. Does this sound doable, or is it too early to consider?
63  General Category / Introduce yourself / Re: zenbitz on: July 21, 2009, 10:05:49 PM
I used to play World of Warcraft...
*Listens to the churping*
As did I...

...then my free trial ended and they wouldn't take any of my credit cards. Maybe it's for the best. Tongue
64  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Let players help create PARPG story contents on: July 16, 2009, 03:26:53 PM
If we make this too elaborate, that'll considerably increase the production time of the game.
65  General Category / Introduce yourself / Re: Hey hey. on: July 16, 2009, 02:48:05 PM
He's got a new kid; sometimes things take priority.
Indeed. Family first always.
66  Development / Mechanics / Re: Hallucination Effects on: June 29, 2009, 04:38:56 PM
I'm thinking about changing a word or image sheet, so that the inventory menu is purple, the 9mm gun sprite is replaced by a banana sprite, the "gruesome death" sound is replaced by a recording of a baby's laughter or an often used word is replaced (for example "You see AN ITEM" -> "You strawberries AN ITEM") such changes should be much easier to do and *much* more fun than some annoying eye-cancer color filter Wink .
The victims would bleed marshmallows. Cheesy
67  General Category / Off topic / Re: Best of IRC on: June 29, 2009, 02:10:15 AM
I need a pet cocaine dragon   Grin
I'm serious. If somebody makes up some potential designs for our friend...and posts them on merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, etc) rest assured that I will buy it/them.  Grin
68  General Category / Off topic / Re: Looking back with a tear in my eye :-) on: June 27, 2009, 10:37:45 PM
I gots quad-core, bitchuz!  Wink
69  General Category / Introduce yourself / Re: Hey! on: June 27, 2009, 02:24:08 AM
I must add that Gary did a fine job turning my naughty, old MIDI pieces into reputable, higher quality sound formats. Many thanks, Gary, and welcome. Smiley
70  General Category / Off topic / Re: Best of IRC on: June 26, 2009, 03:10:15 AM
you had me at zombies <3
I vote our mascot be the Cocaine Dragon. We need to give him a name...Steve, maybe.

Ideas, anyone?
71  General Category / Off topic / Best of IRC on: June 26, 2009, 02:46:26 AM
This, folks, is the story that PARPG will be using. 100% true. Have a look:

shevy: NineOfHeartsAWAY is the story done now?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: No, Matney and I are going to continue to play ping pong with it until we finish it.
Meinmartini: Story?
Meinmartini: In one day?
shevy: like the first 10% Smiley
NineOfHeartsAWAY: We have a backstory to explain the child enslavement, several important character bios, some main events, a few quests and some other ideas we're trying to implement and refine.
Meinmartini: Nice
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Thanks!
Meinmartini: I trust there are zombies?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Always.
Meinmartini: Seriously?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Like, a million.
Meinmartini: I was being a smartass...
Meinmartini: Then there must be dragons and unicorns, too :O
Meinmartini: Zombie ones, obviously
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Ahaha, you gave up too quickly.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: >.<
NineOfHeartsAWAY: I'm actually threw out an idea that would make some people LOOK mutated.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: But it's just a disease.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: :0
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Or, er, lack of iodine.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Goitres are gross.
Meinmartini: Skin rash
NineOfHeartsAWAY: I was thinking about that too.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: With the open sores.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Nasty.
Meinmartini: The only cure:
Meinmartini: Travel where there's some sort of unknown, rare plant that can cure it.
Meinmartini: Where nobody's ever returned from before :O
Meinmartini: Let's see how many cliches we can throw in...
Meinmartini: There must be a strong connection between the male and female protagonists, where everybody assumes that they're a couple, but they're not
Meinmartini: Protagonist is an orphan, either his parents were killed after his birth, or his village was destroyed
Meinmartini: Must fight in an arena
Meinmartini: Must be in jail at least once
NineOfHeartsAWAY: But, wait there's more to the protagonist.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Everyone dies but he finds a special rune that can save the world because he's the chosen one.
Meinmartini: Yes
Meinmartini: Ancient relics
Meinmartini: Keys to save the world
Meinmartini: Or unlock an ancient evil that was sealed a gazillion years ago
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Exactly.
Meinmartini: These ancestors were really, REALLY bad at killing things
Meinmartini: "We'll just seal him away"
NineOfHeartsAWAY: I am laughing so hard at that right now.
Meinmartini: "Won't be our problem when some idiot decides to break him loose...which will be several generations later"
NineOfHeartsAWAY: But you see...
NineOfHeartsAWAY: That's the real reason why this new Ice Age started.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Because the evil monster cursed the world with all of this chaos.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: And, you know what
NineOfHeartsAWAY: *?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: It's the government's fault.
Meinmartini: Evil monster?
Meinmartini: You mean...
Meinmartini: ...PARIS HILTON?!
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Nu!
NineOfHeartsAWAY: >.<
NineOfHeartsAWAY: People, don't read this.
shevy: read what
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Spoiler alert to the max.
Meinmartini: Zombie tale, indeed
Meinmartini: Unicorns with nuclea warheads
Meinmartini: Dragons running a secret cocaine scandal
*** intripoon has signed off IRC (No route to host).
shevy: ok so
shevy: what is with those kids
NineOfHeartsAWAY: The cocain from the dragons?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: *cocaine
NineOfHeartsAWAY: That's what's up with the kids shevy.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Deep, isn't it?
shevy: whats the dragon take on the kids
Meinmartini: The dragon eats them
mizipzor: this... is awesome
shevy: why not fat adults instead
Meinmartini: Because the anguish of children nourish him better
shevy: sounds plausible
Meinmartini: Strengthens him (or her?!) to make better cocaine to sell to the Russians
NineOfHeartsAWAY: More pure cocaine.
shevy: why does he sell cocaine
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Why do you ask so many questions?
Meinmartini: Because he's allergic to hemp
shevy: i wanna know how i can fit my npc into the world
NineOfHeartsAWAY: You know it's because he's trying to generate more anguish.
Meinmartini: More anguish and hemp makes him cry
Meinmartini: Dragon Tears are the only thing that can save the world...
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Cocaine dragon tears.
Meinmartini: ...well, same with Chuck Norris' tears, but he was eaten ages ago
NineOfHeartsAWAY: No, I thought we agreed that the tears were the cocaine source.
shevy: i think i have discovered some loops in that story
NineOfHeartsAWAY: >.>
NineOfHeartsAWAY: There are none.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Only hexagons.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: *Highfives Meinmartini*
Meinmartini: Loops?
Meinmartini: Only when he flies for PR purposes
NineOfHeartsAWAY: But no holes.
shevy: i am not yet quite sure why the russiands need cocaine from a dragon
Meinmartini: "Look at the pretty, flying dragon!"
NineOfHeartsAWAY: "SEXY!"
* Meinmartini returns the high five...
Meinmartini: ...with a mojito
Meinmartini: Simple
NineOfHeartsAWAY: The Russians, well...
Meinmartini: Either the Russians buy the cocaine
Meinmartini: or they die
NineOfHeartsAWAY: It's just the way things were and are.
shevy: ok but why does he need to sell it
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Because it's against dragon honor to give people things.
shevy: does he need money
Meinmartini: Because dragons hoard bling-bling
shevy: right
shevy: i begin to see the connection
Meinmartini: Treasures, gold, money, everything
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Ever heard of Smogon?
shevy: no
Meinmartini: Or Beowulf?
shevy: no
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Tolkein knew his stuff.
shevy: but i know Thor Wauki
shevy: he hates corrupt dragons
Meinmartini: He has to compete with the zombie unicorns
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Damn, those zombie unicorns are mean.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: It's always a tough trade with them.
NineOfHeartsAWAY: "I want your cocaine".
NineOfHeartsAWAY: "I want your brain".
shevy: ok but
shevy: why do they want cocaine
NineOfHeartsAWAY: "I can't give you my brain, how about my kidney?"
Meinmartini: Shevy
Meinmartini: Who doesn't want cocaine?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: "I want your brain"
Meinmartini: Cocaine is the natural health drug to sustain society
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Say it shevy, say it!
Meinmartini: and dragons
Meinmartini: There is only one dragon left, and you are endangering its existence
shevy: this is a very confusing story so far
Meinmartini: It's about drugs. Duh.
Meinmartini: and Vampire Pirates
shevy: but i have another question
NineOfHeartsAWAY: What's to be confused about?
shevy: how does the dragon produce cocaine
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Dragon tears of anguish!
shevy: he cries?
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Tears of anguish.
Meinmartini: or making out with Courtney Love.
shevy: that sounds sad
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Only in private.
Meinmartini: Courtney produces more tears, but they're dirtier
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Not as pure.
shevy: i am still not yet convinced that all loops are covered
shevy: why the russians
Meinmartini: He's racist
shevy: hmm
Meinmartini: was given bad borscht one time, and that was it
shevy: that dragon has a conflicting personality
shevy: ok i think we have covered most now
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Yep.
shevy: except
shevy: why do humans help the dragon
NineOfHeartsAWAY: No, no excepts.
shevy: guard the kids
NineOfHeartsAWAY: Because they don't want to be eaten.
shevy: okay
shevy: your stories are pretty solid NineOfHeartsAWAY
shevy: really hard to find any gaps
NineOfHeartsAWAY: That's the way I write.
72  Development / Audio / Re: Material of interested composers on: June 26, 2009, 02:03:10 AM
It's only the really old pieces, Gary. But I can still show them to you if you'd like. I have a couple of pieces I composed a couple of years back that I wouldn't mind being vamped up. Where should I send them to?
73  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Name of game on: June 25, 2009, 07:10:13 PM
PARPG as a working title works, since it could draw in a larger crowd, instead of narrowing it down a little bit more. In the least, we could get different types of ideas from many other angles.
74  Development / Audio / Re: music themes/locations - likantropika music cooperation on: June 19, 2009, 04:02:11 PM
We're also discussing the quantity of music for the game. If this is going to be a game which follows specific types of moods, how many tracks are we talking here? That's an awful lot of music...
75  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Name of game on: June 18, 2009, 07:08:23 PM
Absolute Zero, maybe?
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