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541  Development / Project management / Re: Lead Developers on: November 10, 2009, 02:20:20 PM

coders would clarify it better, I hope.
542  Development / Audio / Re: Way of playing ambient music on: November 10, 2009, 02:17:20 PM
Just imagine "Old music shop"-like quest where you can gain access to low-quality playlist with garage disco (low quality both in terms of noise and artistic level)...
Maybe there is any Public Domain resource of such inventions? (private wedding videos can be relicensed if you have any - anybody has any other idea?)
543  Development / Writing and Quests / Raiders, and level of civilization [split from Cliches] on: November 10, 2009, 01:47:29 PM
Zenbitz - Adom and 90% of RPG genre, not only cRPG would fit there as well.

Raiders - this guys will be active in 3-4 years after "100 hours of nuclear war", no longer.
In fact, even 10 yrs after total disaster there would be towns (on crossroads, as in the wild west times), lots of crap taken out of ruins, blacksmiths (this craft is unbelievably easy if you have some metal), mills, water and wind electric plants, some kind of military police - roughly established local governments and crude law system, and of course vehicles powered with biofuels (steam engines are easy and can be fed with wood, diesel will burn ethanol or plant oil).

In fact after WWII and incorporating Poland as a part of Soviet Union, there was  kind of "Riders" on our lands (Armia Krajowa - members of anti-nazi underground) - they were generously supported with local people's good (food, ammo, guns, shovels, information), they had abilities they learned during WWII (underground bases, conspiracy) but despite perfect hiding, living in woods and such, most of them was found and killed by soviets within 2 years after end of war. So you can imagine how fast raiders would be banished or lynched, even with the force of ordinary weapons - like spiked clubs, metal pipes or crowbars, if their base will be localized by local people (accustomed to looking at someones death).
544  Development / Project management / Re: Lead Developers on: November 10, 2009, 01:09:13 PM
I'm also "come and go" person, also have only little experience in 3D (actually designing the only room in our flat in Wings3d) my interests vary from gnomonics ("sundials science") to neurobiology. No experience in computer game making and participating in such projects, sorry.

But I have such idea:
There is need to have really detailed and documnted as for noob, full-featured, self-contained ToDo list (trac tickets?), providing some basic informations. Eg. you have renders of in-game items, size of each items in squares in inventory and size of single square in pixels. You also see what others did and you can download their work and study it closer (even with 3D models and textures when making 3D things). You have filenames explicitly given (crowbar-I.png for ingame graphics, crowbar-I.zip for working files). If you can provide some items of good quality - you draw and upload, and there is always some place for comments or "constructive criticism". You can also download and improve other's work. Like with software - take, modify, upload, comment changes. Or discuss interdisciplinary - what do coders expect to get, what information audio person needs, who can provide such or such spooky thing.
And we have movement here to exactly point what is for what (Forums - idea/shape discussion and "persistent talk", IRC - daily basis communication and idea exchange, Wiki - documentation, Trac or CVS for developing)

Basically everyone can say "no-go for me, cause blablablabla" or "this is really urgent for the programming team, do anything and someone will correct it later". If you don't know what to do at all - it's time to discuss and point some lacks to pin it on cork board later.

I would be happy working in this way, I think.

However there will be demand to work in specified software, so teams have to say if they work in recent eg. GIMP, Inkscape, Blender or Audacity - whatever is suitable for certain task, available for major platforms in recent version and popular or easy to learn.

Is this bazaar-like style btw?
545  Development / Graphics / Re: In Game Portraits on: November 10, 2009, 12:31:46 PM
I'm in general non-problematic person and just wanted to know if we are sticking to this stilistic or aestheric look in case I would want to provide some works on my own (maybe, some day). Unfinished or sketchy - meaning there are signs or tracks of tools used. It is easy to imagine whole spectrum and many pathes of (un-)finishing the works from de Koning's style to Chuck Close's.
Just wondering if this is some final point of such wandering.
546  Development / Graphics / Re: In Game Portraits on: November 09, 2009, 10:07:35 PM
Are we sticking in 100% to this unfinished look (with portraits, of course)?
How I'm happy not seeing manga here!

547  Development / Audio / Way of playing ambient music on: November 09, 2009, 01:12:42 PM
As I'm not a FIFE-related developer, I don't know if it's doable in any easy way. How about constructing longer playlists of ambient music for particular locations like while being in some location placed under ground, in fight-mode or in the city. Not only one track. And eg. play it in random order. This is first idea.
Second idea is the issue I hate in Arcanum: The game starts playing same track in 10 s periods - never actually ending it, just because of changing locations or travel mode (will be such feature in PARPG?). Maybe there is a way to wait with playing until the track played actually finishes?
Third thing - maybe there is a way to have a OSD-like option to credit the Likantropika with name of the band and track played? I'm pretty sure with CC licenses you have to list all the tracks and authors somewhere where you can access it easily (eg. playlist printed and pinned on the cork wall in the pub). Making all music in form of external playlist files, reading tags while playing and displaying it in game can make things like modding the music really easy.

How about such features in some distant future?

The reason behind this is Likantropika does really nice and even dark ambient, things will be irritating when switching between 2-3 10s intros of tracks, not interrupting it will help the general feel of the game as well.
548  Development / Graphics / Re: Intro screen mockup on: November 08, 2009, 09:52:09 AM
Thought it was for intro screen only, not as a in-game menu. In-game menu looks quite nice and readable even in this early stage. Things in the in-game menu should be much, much smaller than here. And also they would rather keep the line of the rest of the HUD and/or GUI.

However if needed, I will provide it. Save, and resume game also. Just tell me (rest of the team) what you think.
549  Development / Graphics / Re: Intro screen mockup on: November 07, 2009, 08:12:15 PM
Castle is really beutifull.
And maybe this is true - anywhere in the Europe you can find some devastated (or at least "dirty") places.

The illustration - as I wrote - it will be something different as soon as the snow will come again - we're just after the first strike of winter here, but it's above 0. And will be much more finished and contrasty. However I would be very happy seeing how all the things play with eachother before finishing the piece. BTW - do you need some cursor artworks?

We have huge slaughterhouse, the newer parts were demolished to the ground, and the old part is left untouched. In general - most of the town looks like Manchester in the 80's. Here ar some photos of this place:
As it is forbidden to walk there I'm targetting into paysage-like broad view.
And yes, we have really rare and nice granaries here too, just about 10 min walking. They are in Wikipedia (look for Grudziadz).
550  Development / Graphics / [WIP] Intro screen mockup on: November 07, 2009, 05:36:12 PM
Hey artists. We plan on having an intro frontend for the tech demo. At the very least we'll need a static background picture. Then we'll overlay the usual buttons for New Game/Load Game/Options. Any sort of animations would be nice icing on the cake also.

Anyone want to take a crack at it?

All the this things are just a sketch. Proof of concept rather than a kind of hi-quality end product. It will be reworked as soon, as I'll see how all this things are working and fitting together in th game.
The huge backround will be 100% different as soon as there will be enough snow in Poland and I'll find some spare time to draw it. I have really good industrial ruined landscapes here. You can put any other image there, I won't mind.
The main menu "shim" looks ugly now
The buttons are 640x120 each (640x560 pix whole). This should be sufficient for both biggest and smallest screens (even 800x600) without rescaling. I'm quite happy with this buttons, but I will rework it or correct upon request.
It does'nt really matter where goes main menu on the screen. Might be centered for me.
Please note this is only a 800 pix thumbinail to spare your band. (Still don't know how to embed full size in shitasa).
All the mockups for PARPG are and will be in full res in my picasa account here http://picasaweb.google.com/luke.jastrzebski
I have all the things from this mockup prepared, cutted, transparentized, .pngized, collected and described in short readme file. Just drop me a line where to upload it.
It is no logo yet there, I know there should be one.

551  Development / Graphics / [Discussion] Some texturing tips and points. Streetlamp as the example on: November 06, 2009, 08:56:53 PM
Hood of streetlamp should not cover with rust at any time, as it is made of aluminum, not steel.

In general - the world 20 years after the war should be still filled with things robbed from empty homes - esp acid-proof and surgery steel, plastic and aluminum preserves well.
If you watch some photos/videos made in chernobyl last times - the laundry still dries on ropes, dolls and toys are in good condition, some building needs just a heavy overhaul to be usable. Maybe lack of dead bodies and scavengers did it, as the area was evacuated. Also the forest grows quite well and some endangered species returned there.
Plastic things we have now used to be much more durable in 1989.

552  General Category / Introduce yourself / Re: Q_x - the happy mana collector on: November 06, 2009, 01:36:19 PM
News was posted on http://happypenguin.org/, I'm quite stunned with how many people gathers here.

I've forgotten - I can do some video too. Gluing, cutting, adding sound.

553  General Category / Introduce yourself / Q_x - 2D guy on: November 06, 2009, 11:52:15 AM
Greetings from Poland!

My name is Luke (or Ɓukasz), but people call me Qx (therefore Q_x as nick here).
I've raided the IRC channel lastly.
You'll find my sketch "The Hooded One" in the graphics forums.
Thanks for posting it, shevy Smiley

I'm bitmap/vector designer (2D only), DTP-man, new media artist, 100% freelancer.

At spare time I'm overhauling my flat, making some photos, feeding the birds, making noisy pathes in Pure Data, doing some veejaying, cracking some wifi, meeting my friends, studying the gnomonics or some other bizarre stuff. I love simple (but not mindless) solutions.

FLOSS enthusiast, poorman of choice (but look - we have 70-80% taxes here, without any social benefits from it). And a little bit obese - by DNA flaw, I think.

I have random and unregular periods of boredom and doing-nothing varying from weeks to hours. So I'd rather do some small things for PARPG than sit and wait until job happens.

I'm into PA worlds for 18 years now, I've been writing my first PA novel when I was 10, it wasn't longer than two pages full of white snow and wandering poor gang members but whatever.

I can provide some random minor improvements on batches of graphic items or create "big things" as splash, game menu - one at a time.
If you're not in hurry with polishing graphics - I'd rather wait and provide/improve bizilions of ideas or make concept-art to inspire the team.

I'm writing personal weblog to trace my recent activities, in Polish. It's hosted on pieknedni.blogspot.com. Nothing special.

I have no portfolio other than for commerce design/DTP, it's useless in this situation. But I hope I'll make part of the new one here.

I usually post my things on the interwebs under WTFPL (you can't put things straight under the Public Domain terms where I live, the WTFPL is legal equivalent).

As a fluent Polglish speaker I often forget the "the" word, or "a" or "an". Misspell, misuse and write things slowly. Forgive me please, but don't hesitate to correct my errors.

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