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Title: Hi, great project but I had some problems running...
Post by: GaraTapo on January 07, 2012, 06:03:43 AM
Hi everyone,
 I felt I could give some time to a project in the next months, before my 4th child is born, and I checked on the status of some open source rpg I had bookmarked before. If I remember well PARG had only some screenshot when I first check and I'm happy to see you have a running tech demo.

Since your project is in Python and that I'd like to become more familiar with it, I'd like to help. I have to admit that I had some problems in trying to run PARG. Had to install an old version of Python, FIFE demos only gave me blank screens, forgot how to run .py scripts, had errors with every scripts because the wrong version of python was launching; well, it took me more than an hour to see it in action. Even the windows version was not running straight from the box. I know I kind of went fast over the instructions you gave, but I'm asking myself if there's a way to make the installation of Python, and other dependencies, easier?

I really like your graphical style. I could help with integration, 3D, concept art and 2d painting (texture or portrait). I have limited time, but if you ask for something long before you actually need it, I'll be happy to contribute.

I'd like to be contacted by your graphics manager.

Thanks and have fun


Title: Re: Hi, great project but I had some problems running...
Post by: Q_x on January 07, 2012, 03:01:53 PM
Hi! Welcome! Zdrastvujtie!

As for ease of installation - on sourceforge ( ) we have some pre-compiled files. Using it is not straightforward, due to some strange filesize restrictions that were somewhere in our dev. toolchain. For linux systems installation is a bit harder, but it's easier, than installing anything "from the repo" on windows.

In general - this is how it looks when you actually make things happen in software. You have to follow the hard way to really cooperate in terms of code creation. Working on installers, bundling things together is pretty much pointless from dev. point of view. Sure, it's important or the audience, it just doesn't push things forward. But, from what I understand, Beliar actually made a "build system" to provide those files, and it looks to me like it works.

We work in a steady, slow speed. If you feel in a mood to do something for us, you will probably work faster than we do - shoot, do what you feel you like. I can help you with 2D graphics, Beliar is the person to ask if you want to have your hands dirty with code, shevy is our caretaker.

Just don't let anything impede you, eg. you probably won't need latest revision to write a dialogue or make GUI graphics.