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Title: New User Basic Questions
Post by: deathknight1728 on January 05, 2012, 09:02:16 PM
Hi, i got intrigued about your project from indiedb and decided to start an account. If the game is playable, at least to a degree, i would be very glad to send you some donation money as anyone who makes a fallout type rpg nowadays is ok in my book :)

My questions are simple-

1)Is the game playable at least to a degree?

2)If so, how do i install it, is it hard to install (I suck at installing things).

3) Do you need any help with it, be simple things, testing bugs, etc.?

Other than that, i wish you the best of luck and give you my best regards.


Title: Re: New User Basic Questions
Post by: Q_x on January 05, 2012, 10:36:14 PM
Hi Dave!

We are at pre-alpha stage. Sure - you can walk around, we have like two small locations, chatting with NPCs and basic inventory handling is implemented, along with a fairly quick quest - you'll be able to complete it in under two minutes. And that's all, basically. Not much entertainment, so I'd say it's not playable if you expect to have any fun. If you want to watch - check out our media gallery:

If install is easy or not, it depends on scale you measure problems with. Not so easy for a common user, quite ordinary for indie devs. Exact procedure depends on your OS - it varies a lot.

Title: Re: New User Basic Questions
Post by: deathknight1728 on January 06, 2012, 01:55:31 AM
Well thats good to know. Id like to help you as much as i can but i fear that i might not be able to as there are no beta testing. I will say this though, i read up on your stats, and how the game will be run; i think you might be onto something really good. My last question is simply do you plan on getting the game out in a year or so?

Besides that, Im going to keep your game on my list of games to buy. Oh and when it does come out you should charge a decent amount, high-quality games like fallout are hard to come by. Peace.


Title: Re: New User Basic Questions
Post by: Q_x on January 06, 2012, 10:56:45 AM
We don't have any plans - we can't have any - this is how the community is working. We may be blessed with a dozen of interested people this year, we may be cursed with people leaving.

Sad truth is we really need more people around. Beliar, the only active programmer at this moment, is just unable to push the project forward fast enough to make anything happen in near future. No one expects a single person would do things like that - this is big, ambitious project and we're all busy with real life issues. We had a better times not that long ago, but not much happened and people just scattered afterwards. Now this is a steady progress, just really slow.

Playability (testability) is also a result of this big development road that every game more or less follows: code > test > provide SDK > test > create content > create more content. And we're still at step 1.

You can help us though, simply by hanging around and telling people we're here, and more or less alive.

In short: we need good programmer(s) to make things happen soon.