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Title: [Free BETA keys] Postapocalyptic Zombie Survival Game inspired by Fallout
Post by: Dayan on November 11, 2010, 09:43:54 PM
Hello everybody,

I writing here because  I want to invite you, Fallout and post-apocalyptic video games fans, to our new game: Die2Nite ( (

My name is Dayan and I work for a French independent video games studios

"Die2Nite" is the English language version of a French game called Hordes which currently has around 18,000 players connecting on a daily basis and over 475,000 registered players. Die2Nite is set in a hostile world inhabited by zombies and other living dead creatures. Players (or Citizens) are grouped into small towns with the task of organising their day to day lives in order to survive as long as possible in their constant battle against these creatures...

The game is currently running as closed BETA. This means that you need an invitation code to register. We want to fix a few things before we open it to everybody. However, you can get it by using one of these invitation codes:


I kindly ask you to only use one key per person. Once you have registered, you have the opportunity to get 3 more codes each.

Here is some more information about the game:


Die2Nite is an internet survival game set in a hostile world which is inhabited by the living-dead. The players, or citizens, join 39 other players in small towns located throughout the vast desert known as the
World Beyond. Every day, they must coordinate their efforts in order to survive for as long as possible against the nightly zombie attacks...

Every day, a citizen starts with 6 action points. It is up to them how to use them, always somewhat safe in the knowledge that a balanced diet such as a mouldy cheese and ham sandwich or some drugs will allow her to restore these action points several times during the day and help her stay alive for a few hours more.

Equipped with her radio (or forum) to keep in contact with the townspeople, she must take a trip into the World Beyond every day to search for resources. Depending on her profession, a citizen will be more or less effective when it comes to scavenging in the desert or attacking wandering groups of zombies in the desert plains. In case of emergency, an SOS call over the forum is the recommended course of action...

Objects such as a battery or a dry branch which have been recovered from a distant corner of the map can be a source of disagreement in the community.

The reason? A citizen can hand over all their possessions to the bank, where they will be used in construction sites which will contribute to the overall security of the town.However, players may choose to keep items and use them to upgrade their own house instead...

Theft between players, assaults and other dubious actions don’t always pass by unobserved by the townspeople. If a player receives 10 complaints from their fellow citizens, they are banished from the town !

Die2Nite is not (!) a low budget zombie flash game and it has nothing to do with zombie shooters like "Resident Evil". "Left4Dead" and those kind of games. Zombies are in the position of power and humans are the underdogs  ;D

If that sounds good to you, just head over to: and enter one the above keys.

It would be nice to get some feedback from you, may it be here on in game.


Title: Re: [Free BETA keys] Postapocalyptic Zombie Survival Game inspired by Fallout
Post by: mvBarracuda on November 12, 2010, 11:43:26 AM
Sounds like an interesting game :-)

We're usually quite restrictive when it comes to advertizing at the forums but considering that this is actually a post apoc game and free to play, so that's fine by me.

Title: Re: [Free BETA keys] Postapocalyptic Zombie Survival Game inspired by Fallout
Post by: Dayan on November 15, 2010, 05:22:06 PM

Thank you very much for your understanding.  ;D  I wouldn't have posted it if I hadn't been convinced that it could interest you :)

Please let me know what you think about it and tell me if you need more BETA keys ;)

Co-Admin of Die2Nite

P.S.: Please forgive me my faulty English, I'm not a native English speaker ;)

EDIT: Rock, Paper shotgun just published a sneak preview about the game: (