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Title: GTK and QT and pychan Oh my!
Post by: Domtron_Vox on September 19, 2010, 01:56:42 AM
I was looking at ticket #76( which asks for an object/xml editor with interface. Then I saw that someone had already attached an editor(I'm not yet sure if it works). Then I realized that all three of our editors(map, object/xml, and writing editor) all use different interfaces.

I think we should at least make each editor use the same interface library. It might be best to use pychan since fife uses that most. We could also combined the tools into one editor so you have every thing in one place, But this could certainly be put off until we know more of the game mechanics.   

I'll try working on this a little any sugestions would be good.

Also, could some one make a ticket for this and maybe close #72(

Title: Re: GTK and QT and pychan Oh my!
Post by: Q_x on September 19, 2010, 08:46:49 AM
This will be a long answer...

Domtron, it is a kind of joke to curse and use "bad language" in connection with pychan on #fife. No one likes to work with it.  pychan is a (good) wrapper around (bad) guichan, this one has stalled like year ago or so, and the creators left only basic functionality and lots of pending errors. Looks like other RPG project, The Mana World (from outside of our FIFE ring), fixed a small bug recently, but thats all that happened for a year or longer.
So there are some things that FIFE wants to do to be a "even better" engine (reliable, full-featured, bug free). Rewriting the renderer and changing the gui library are amongst most important big things that no one wants (or has time) to do ATM.

Guichan has really some important things crippled, like drop-down lists, displaying button labels on mouse hover, or breaking text lines. The last thing is solved by using one specific type of widget that does it by default, or breaking lines manually. The second solution (putting /n inside the text) closed the ticket, which shows how high did jasoka, who closed it, wanted to reach and what type of management is going on in FLOSS development sometimes. The way this particular bug was handled, was a serious motivation killer for me recently, it feels like FIFE likes this type of solutions (bug "we have a serious problem with how the text is handled", solution: "get lost suckers, rewrite ALL your text so that it will be unable to change it or translate it afterwards"). I still don't know why FIFE guys didn't reopened it afterwards. It is all disgusting, but at least I'm honest.
I'm still hoping they will wake up, not only with this single bug, but with lots of amateur patching, "works for me" solutions, blaming projects to "DIY" lacking functionality inside what FIFE claims to provide... For now some teams are finding some strange solutions to solve problems, but rarely are patching things in FIFE. And until something robust will be used for displaying, the games will look like crappy, really retrogressive "wannabe", not an underground, independent XXI century manifestation of freedom. And how fife-based games look (blaming what guichan has to offer vs. what is needed, not the artwork) is the second motivation killer for me. Games should look really like fancy, even if they are retro. Retro don't means "crappy", at least for me.

Back to topic...
It would be really cool to have the editor(s) for all the things: quest, dialogue, NPC, map, items, mechanics, all this "in game" stuff, written in consistent manner. And for me, personally, the best way is the one that takes as little coding time/effort/mana as possible (= may look ugly, its just an editor). So if you add (to GTK, QT and Pychan) also WxWidgets and complete a task quickly, you will be a winner in my eyes :D

Pychan is seriously neglected stuff. If you are making some type of "usable app", take what suits you most. If you prefer nothing particular, I'd suggest doing it as quickly (stress-free) as possible, so probably GTK/Glade or pychan. Just make sure it could be feature-full and bugfree with what pychan has to offer.
Of course it would be cool to have all things consistent, but, I think, ATM pychan is inconsistent with where FIFE is heading to (or where I wish it to be heading to).

Keep in mind that I have no in-depth knowledge on any coding activity.

What do you wish to close and what to make instead? I'm a little bit confused :(

Title: Re: GTK and QT and pychan Oh my!
Post by: Domtron_Vox on September 19, 2010, 06:56:19 PM
If the attached file, on ticket #76, works then that ticket should be closed. I'm currently having some trouble running it can't seem to get gtk working...

And I thought that a ticket should be made for either unifying the editors(so you don't have to configure three different gui libraries) or combining them into an SDK.