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Title: Or just... how would you call this?
Post by: Q_x on July 21, 2010, 10:45:56 PM
I'm having  "month without www" just now, with an exception for PARPG-related stuff only. So yes, I'm having bad days now.
I know I said goodnite today, but it was too hot to sleep... So I spent some time digging through some various places here in the forums.

Free grant for anyone? (Is there someone from the Maple Leaf Land here?);u=307

Or this one - he has really cleaned his profile!;u=304

Waiting for 600-th commit... Lets just say that profiles 300 and 200 are plain stupid too, but 100... I really wish mister 100 to be with us...

Want to make business? Just start a forum, allow for BIG avatars and have a policy saying that all the materials posted are belong to the owners of the page. Let it have a name like "BIG THANKS! FREE BUSINESS ADVISORY!" You can resell the logos back to the owners, or to someone else.
"All of you are belong to base", or whatever...

I've seen also the page that said that sending spam (meaning all advertises sent them by e-mail) will make the sender to pay something like $100 - and most of the spammers in fact pay the money without a trial or sentence.
We have 274 spam comments on the blog ATM, most of it going to the IRC entry... Just do the maths :D