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Title: Discussion - Quick info on testing art asset?
Post by: Border on July 26, 2009, 02:40:43 AM
Hello world!
i test Kaydeth EXE Way to go man. thats gold for us poor artist! :D
And oh! Xml my friend. so me and MR XML played along, i change the player sprite, fun fun.
But when i try to add some new stuff on the map... crash or more "NO Load"
Basically the process seem a no-brainer. I clone the Crate folder in clients\parpg\objects\objects
Change the name for my object; Statue for this instance and modify the XML to match my image.
In the MAPfolder i add the line  <import file="../objects/objects/statue/statue.xml"/>
Also i played in Map_Objects.XML and try to add my object by cloning the WoodenCrate block and modifying for my statue, and i change is position too. so anyways i notice the type was defined and is seem that was the problem.
Where could i "Defined" new object for testing purpose? what would be easier, definind a test
 object or telling me where the definin occur?

thanks pp[p

Title: Re: Quick info on testing art asset?
Post by: mvBarracuda on July 26, 2009, 11:24:57 AM
The steps that you've described sound perfectly reasonable to me. If you like, you can send the files to me (mvbarracuda AT web DOT de) and I can try to get the objects ingame. Alternatively we can try to debug it together at the IRC channel, that's often faster than waiting for replies at the forums :-)